Tricks or Not

by mindy
How ... ?

Here are some more tips for you , hope helped:

Learning English in today’s generation seems to be very important. Work in schools, colleges and industries are based only on English language. Basically English is Important for people to do business with other countries and it is very important because this language is spoken in so many parts of the world. This doesn’t mean that you cannot survive without English, You can but with the globalized nature of the world and commerce, knowledge of English is quite essential. The knowledge of English could help to open many professional and literary doors.

Steps to be considered to speak English fluently: -
To become more significant speaker just remember few steps to speak English fluently. The English is not so hard language, you just have to work on yourself for few days and you will get good command over this language. Improve your English speaking skills by performing these given steps.

Confidence: - Firstly you must build up your confidence level so that you can’t hesitate in speaking English in front of you friends, relatives or in front of group of people. Confidence can help you to perform well and at least makes you able to speak in front of anyone known or unknown.

Listen: - Make a habit of listening to everyone. Just listen to the words the speaker speaks. Try to understand every word and if in case you don’t understand the spoken word just write it down in your copy and find the solution to understand the statement. You can take help of your friends and books like dictionary etc. Always listen to everyone you talk. Listening is must if you want to answer back in English. Start listening sound tracks CD’s and many more things to listen on the recorded English conversation. Spend most of your study time listening- that is the key to great speaking.

Grammar: - Don’t study Grammar as it will stop you to speak English because Grammar rules teach you to think about English. Try to answer what people say to you – Always try to respond what people say to you and try to answer them in English or in a natural way. If sometime you forgot the words then use um, or er, this is better than keeping completely silent.

Relax: -When you speak English at normal speed, you'll discover that many of the pronunciation skills, such as linking between words, will happen automatically. Be relaxed and speak in the very natural manner. Don’t be hesitate while speaking, be confident and don’t be shy to speak. The more you do it, the more confident you'll become.